Badgers have been the victim of persecution for centuries, but as a result of many years of campaigning by groups and individuals the badger was granted protection by the Badgers Act in 1973.

Badgers ramain a target for criminals to pursue

Continued persecution combined with several loopholes in the law resulted in a number of amendments to the original Act. This legislation has now been consolidated in the Protection of Badgers Act, 1992.

Despite protective legislation badgers remain a target for criminals to pursue.

Illegal threats to badgers include:

  • badger-digging and baiting
  • snaring
  • poisoning (including the misuse of pesticides)
  • lamping
  • sett interference
  • illegal activities by some fox hunts
  • sett-stopping by fox hunts

Subject to compliance with conditions in the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, badgers also are endangered by:

  • road and housing development
  • forestry and agricultural operations
  • badger culling by Defra in relation to bovine TB in cattle

For more information, please refer to:

In June 2009 Natural England published two documents relating to Badger Setts:

Interpretation of ‘Disturbance’ in relation to badgers occupying a sett
Guidance on ‘Current Use’ in the definition of a Badger Sett